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Our ability to quantify the biological world is expanding faster than even the most optimistic predictions. This technological acceleration is occurring across all scales and systems, from the microscopic domain of molecules and cells up to brains and organisms and populations. 

This success, however, has outstripped our ability to make sense of the raw data. Theory and modeling are needed to frame the fundamental ideas and concepts, to interpret the data by defining and extracting the key features, and to guide future experiments.

The goals of the Initiative in Theory and Modeling of Living Systems at Emory College is to foster the community of researchers who are building theoretical frameworks for understanding living systems, connect this community with the experimentalists, including in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center at Emory, train the next generation of researchers in the field, and establish Emory as a national leader in theoretical and modeling approaches to living systems.

Administration and Leadership

The Initiative is led by two co-Directors, and coordinated by a Program Coordinator.

Ilya Nemenman Headshot

Physics and Biology

Ilya Nemenman
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
Katia Koelle Headshot


Katia Koelle
Nadya Subbottina Headshot

Program Coordinator

Nadya Subbottina
Program Coordinator
MSC - RM N249

Advisory Board

Alessandro Veneziani Headshot


Alessandro Veneziani
Lena Ting Headshot

Biomedical Engineering

Lena Ting
John and Jan Portman Professor
Phil Wolff Headshot


Phil Wolff
Dieter Jaeger Headshot


Dieter Jaeger
Khalid Salaita Headshot


Khalid Salaita
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
Lance Waller Headshot

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Lance Waller
Cliff Carrubba Headshot

Quantitative Theory and Methods

Cliff Carrubba
Department Chair | Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor