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TMLS brings together faculty from many departments of the College of Arts and Sciences and other Emory schools to pursue groundbreaking Research. The reach of the Initiative across the university truly is a testament to the unique Emory cultures of collaboration and quantitative research in life sciences.  

Eugene Agichtein Headshot
Eugene Agichtein
Winship Distinguished Research Professor
Rustom Antia Headshot
Rustom Antia
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
Gordon Berman Headshot
Gordon Berman
Assistant Professor
Greg Berns Headshot
Greg Berns
Distinguished Professor of Neuroeconomics
David Civitello Headshot
David Civitello
Assistant Professor
Daniel D. Dilks Headshot
Daniel D. Dilks
Associate Professor of Psychology
Dieter Jaeger Headshot
Dieter Jaeger
Minsu Kim Headshot
Minsu Kim
Associate Professor
James Kindt Headshot
James Kindt
Katia Koelle Headshot
Katia Koelle
Associate professor
Bruce Levin Headshot
Bruce Levin
Samuel C. Dobbs Professor
Robert Liu Headshot
Robert Liu
Ilya Nemenman Headshot
Ilya Nemenman
Chethan Pandarinath Headshot
Chethan Pandarinath
Assistant Professor
Astrid Prinz Headshot
Astrid Prinz
Associate Professor
Timothy Read Headshot
Timothy Read
Professor, Medicine (Infectious Diseases)
Jennifer Rieser Headshot
Jennifer Rieser
Assistant Professor
Shashank Shekhar Headshot
Shashank Shekhar
Assistant Professor
Sam Sober Headshot
Sam Sober
Associate Professor
Daniel Sussman Headshot
Daniel Sussman
Associate Professor
Lena Ting Headshot
Lena Ting
John and Jan Portman Professor
Nic Vega Headshot
Nic Vega
Assistant Professor
Daniel Weissman Headshot
Daniel Weissman
Assistant Professor
Avani Wildani Headshot
Avani Wildani
Assistant Professor
Phil Wolff Headshot
Phil Wolff
Associate Professor