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ATLNextGen Neuro

Atlanta area is one of the national centers for neuroscience research, from clinical applications to theoretical frameworks, and everything in-between. In particular, there's a large number of research labs that are developing experimental and theoretical tools and foundations for the next decade of high-throughput, quantitative brain research under the NIH BRAIN initiative funding, one of the NIH signature programs.

Atlanta Next Gen Neuro is a collaborative group of these faculty at Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology, with the mission of developing experimental and theoretical foundations for the next decade of computational and systems neuroscience research, and of growing the community of like-minded researchers in the Atlanta area. We organize Meetings and Training Events and serve as a focal point of organization for promoting research in computational and systems neuroscience. In particular, we hosted the CRCNS PI meeting, which brought together the entire international community of computational neuroscientists to interact, share knowledge, and explore the vibrant research atmosphere of Atlanta.

In the pre-COVID-19 times, Atlanta Next Gen Neuro organized a flagship series of monthly seminars, where all relevant researchers in the metro area could meet and have those spontaneous interactions, which are so needed for scientific discoveries.

We collaborate and co-sponsor events with the following neuroscience programs in the area