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Past Programs

Over the years of its existence, Emory TMLS has served as a host to a variety of programs. Some of those are still ongoing, while others have achieved their objectives and have expired. Some of the more impactful past programs include the following.

WorldWide Physics of Life

In collaboration with a few other institutions, TMLS is launched and supports the World-Wide Physics of Life web site, which aggregates many biophysics virtual seminars around the world. Through this web site, we make sure that the exciting biophysics discoveries and new training opportunities are accessible to every interested scientist around the world with just a mouse click

Emory Beckman Scholars Program

This program, which existed between 2015 and 2018, was designed to support 1-3 Emory undergraduate students per year for an intensive academic year plus two summer-long research experiences at the interface of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience. The program was for top students, who planned to go on to graduate school and publish scientific papers. It provided training, embedding into the research community, and some financial support. Training faculty for the program included:

  • Biology: Gordon Berman, Dieter Jaeger, Robert Liu, Astrid Prinz, Sam Sober
  • Physics:  Ilya Nemenman
  • Psychology: Daniel Dilks, Robert Hampton, Joseph Manns, Lynne Nygaard, Philip Wolff
  • Biomedical Engineering:  Shella Keilholz, Lena Ting

The following undergraduate students were Beckman Scholars during the duration of the program existence

Kavli Brain Forum at Emory and Georgia Tech

Supported by the Kavli Foundation, the Kavli Brain Forum was designed to promote and catalyze interactions across the computational neuroscience community at Emory and Georgia Tech, and Atlanta more broadly. In 2017-2019, we organized a monthly seminar series, which was anchored by stellar external presenters, but whose main goal was to get all of the relevant researchers from The Atlanta metro area to gather, mingle, and interact informally. The ATLNextGenNeuro, and the many collaborations it supports, are direct outgrowths of the Forum.