Faculty Highlight

Meet Daniel Weissman

What are your research interests relating to TLMS?
Evolution and population genetics

What is the biggest goal you have for TMLS this year?

For my group: publish all the papers we've been working on.
For the program: build a community of students and postdocs than can self-organize further.

What is the biggest accomplishment in your career?

Finding simple expressions for how quickly populations can adapt

Do you have any talents or hobbies you have?

Hiking, trivia, baseball

Do you have any pets?

Pi, a golden retriever mix

One thing on your bucket list?

Visit the Galapagos


Recent publications:

Ghafari M, DBW (2019) The expected time to cross extended fitness plateaus. Theoretical Population Biology 129: 54-67
About this publication: 

We asked how populations can discover "irreducibly complex" adaptations that require multiple mutations that don't individually provide any benefit. We found that big populations will automatically harbor these mutations at low frequency, and if there's a little bit of sex to recombine the mutations together, the population can rapidly produce the adaptive combination by chance.

Li ZRT, Zarnitsyna VI, Lowen AC, DBW, Koelle K, Kohlmeier JE, Antia R, Garcia-Sastre A (2019) Why Are CD8 T Cell Epitopes of Human Influenza A Virus Conserved? Journal of Virology 93: e01534–18.